Daily pulse

Daily Pulse

Daily pulse

Using the Daily Pulse feature within the TeamClock app, you gain access to measurements about your business via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This market measurement tool allows your team to anonymously answer questions about their workplace experience while clocking out for the day on TeamClock. Sample questions are:

  • Whom does your team think best lives a core value?

  • Which coworker do they find the most helpful?

  • Who should be the teammate of the month?

Daily Pulse does not show who cast the vote publicly which, in combination with our evolving algorithms, should thwart spoiled votes.

With the additional data points from Daily Pulse responses, management is able to make better, more informed, and data-driven decisions. We also recommend that decisions be made with evaluation of the ever-growing data set PayrollHero provides as well as the qualitative recommendations of our leadership.

Daily pulse