PayrollHero uses facial recognition paired with locational data to make sure the correct employee is in the right place at the right time. This eliminates the possibility of ghost employees, buddy punching, time stealing, and other forms of fraud and mismanagement which are still largely prevalent in businesses today.

Eliminate Headaches

PayrollHero digitizes, stores, and makes it easy for you to locate company HR files, cut out manual HR processes, and eliminate headaches. The platform helps you and your team be more organized, save storage space, and most important, save time.

Go Paperless

Going paperless automates the payroll process, allowing HR to stop wasting valuable time on low-value administrative work and freeing them up for higher-value work such as recruiting, employee engagement, and retention.

More Engaged Workforce

Aside from time, attendance, scheduling, and payroll, PayrollHero has employee engagement tools that will help strengthen your company culture. Upon using our platform, your employees will be more informed and it will become much easier for them to track their own performance, motivating them to come to work on time without you having to remind them.