There is a major transformation happening to IT departments. Gone are the days when the main priority of IT was to make sure computer systems were up and running. Now, IT is tasked with delivering added value, increasing security, and enhancing business performance.


There is no need for IT to worry about managing and strengthening PayrollHero’s security and privacy. All communication in and out of the platform is done through HTTPS. Additionally, PayrollHero utilizes the Amazon Web Services (AWS) that are ISO 27001 and PCI DSS L1 certified.

Data Management

Improve and integrate IT processes with the help of PayrollHero. Your data will be safely secured in the cloud, and by streamlining your company’s data management, you will strategically come out ahead of competition.

Protecting Your Business

PayrollHero is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the highest consumer protection standards. Our Privacy Policy will give you a comprehensive understanding on how we collect information and about our practices.