PayrollHero supports the modern marketer. If you are having a hard time monitoring your team members who are almost always out on the field, we have the right tools that will simplify your life. In addition, if you rely heavily on data, PayrollHero can help you collect customer feedback in real time with our Customer Feedback tool, which is now running on beta within the TeamClock iOS app.

Remote Employees

If you’re the Marketing Department Head, chances are your team members are going out a lot for work. With PayrollHero's Schedules feature, it is easy to create custom shifts. This is particularly helpful if you have team members who are always on the go (conducting store visits, organizing events, etc.) or are allowed to come in at any time, as long as they clock in a certain amount of hours.

Increase Sales

One of the most important goals of any marketing department is to drive business and increase sales, and for that, you need a team that is motivated and hard-working. With PayrollHero, you will make your employees more informed than ever by allowing them to assess their performance through customer feedback, or see how they stand against other company employees in attendance leaderboards.