How PayrollHero Works Within Your Company

Clocking in

Clocking In

When an employee arrives at work, they can clock in on their smartphone using the #MyClock app for iOS or the TeamClock app for iOS/Android. They can also clock in on any computer with a camera and internet access using MyClock Web, TeamClock Web, or the PayrollHero Chrome App. Employees snap a selfie of themselves, and the app will use facial recognition software to make sure the correct employee is present, recording the exact time they clocked in.


Break Time

When it’s time for lunch or a morning break, an employee can use the same apps to break in and break out as they did to clock in.

Email Messages

If an employee has clocked in late or clock out early, the HR department can choose to send automated emails depending on the situation. With over 30 different email templates pre-loaded into PayrollHero, and the option to customize your own, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to notifying your employees about attendance, timeliness, and their work performance.


Real Time Data

With the Xray Insights App, you have the ability to see exactly what is going on in your company at any time, all from your phone or tablet. Get a live feed of how on time your employees are clocking in and out, and be notified when someone is attempting to buddy punch.

Resolving Attendance Made Easy

After all the attendance data has been collected for the day or week (or whenever you choose to resolve attendance), the HR/payroll admin can resolve attendance. Many of the steps are automated with PayrollHero’s Thresholds feature, which allows you to set rules for how attendance infractions are treated. For example, you can set all early clock-ins of 30 minutes or less by regular employees to revert to schedule. This saves hours of time for HR departments.

Generating Payroll

Generating Payroll

step 1 generating payroll

Generate Payroll

step 2 generating payroll

Pick dates

step 3 generating payroll

Click "Do It!"

To prevent backlog, managers resolve attendance every day, making generating payroll effortless when the payroll cutoff date arrives. The payroll admin selects the employees they are going to run payroll for, then sits back and lets the system do all the heavy-lifting. Within a few moments, each employee’s payroll has been generated, including all the necessary deductions already calculated, such as CPF, FWL, CDAC, etc.



After generating and locking payroll, which disables further changes from being made, emails are sent to employees with their paystubs in PDF format attached. Payslips will also be made available on employee PayrollHero accounts. No more printing payslips!

GIRO and Government Forms

By using General Interbank Recurring Order, you never forget to make Foreign Worker Levy and similar payments, as these funds will be deducted automatically from your chosen bank account and paid to the government. PayrollHero will also be generating required employee earnings reports, such as Form IR8A, Form IR8S, Appendix 8A, or Appendix 8B, to be submitted to IRAS each year. No more filling out reports!


Congratulations on running your Singapore payroll!