She runs CandyCandyCandy, a chain of candy stores with so many outlets she can barely count them all. She uses PayrollHero to run her payroll, manage her many employees’ information, and track their time and attendance. Here is how Esther makes her hectic life simpler with PayrollHero:

Clocking In

Instead of spending money on expensive biometric machines, her store attendants clock in by taking selfies using the TeamClock app on the store iPad, which also doubles as the store’s cash register. If the iPad is being used for transactions, employees can clock in by taking selfies on their own devices using the #MyClock app. Esther uses the Worksites feature to ensure that employees will only be able to clock in if their GPS location matches their assigned work location.


Email Notification

Esther sets up automatic email notifications using the customizable email templates feature on PayrollHero. Her cashiers and stock clerks are warned if they miss work, clock in late, leave their shift early, and for other attendance infractions. This way Esther’s employees are always aware of their timeliness, and make that extra effort to always be on time.

Real Time Data

Although Esther wishes she could be at all of her outlets all the time, that’s just not possible. However, Esther has the next best thing: Xray Insights. Managing CandyCandyCandy on the go is not a problem for Esther. Using the app, she is aware of what is happening at each of her outlets in real time. Esther has access to a live feed of her employees’ attendance and can see how employee timeliness, commute, and demographics might be affecting sales.


Resolving Attendance

When she has time, Esther spends a couple of minutes resolving attendance. She has to decide, for example, how a missing clock-in or overtime work will affect the payroll of her candy shelver. With PayrollHero, Esther can compare the attendance stats of all her employees and make fair, informed decisions about how to resolve attendance. She also uses the Thresholds feature to automate a lot of the work -- lucky her!

Generating Payroll

Generating Payroll has never been easier. Since all the data is already stored and attendance is resolved, it only takes a few clicks to generate payroll. The system will calculate all the necessary government-required deductions in seconds.



A PDF file of their paystubs are automatically emailed to Esther’s employees, so she doesn't need to deal with the hassle of mailing them out or worry about coordinating payslip pickups. It’s that simple.

GIRO and Government Forms

Esther’s life is made even more simple because PayrollHero is going to be filling out her required employee earnings reports, such as Form IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A, or Appendix 8B. And with GIRO, she’ll never miss something like a Foreign Worker Levy payment to the government.
Isn’t Esther’s life great?